How To Use A Tap And Die Set

How To Use A Tap And Die Set


Screw threads are very eminent things in our everyday life in this era of technology. Screw threads are comprised of a male and female pair which is nut and bolts.

Tap and dies are used to create or form the nuts and bolts respectively. The whole process of this screw thread formation is called threading when it is completed by a die.

If anybody creates these tools with the help of a tap it is called tapping too. Sometimes, these taps and dies are utilized to clean up a thread.

Otherwise, the machinery can be tightened or loosen due to weather or other causes. Tap and die sets are used mainly for the purpose of manufacturing screw threads.

Sometimes, these processes are practiced in the automobile-based houses to clean up the corrosion from screws, plug-ins, mainly which are of carbon materials.

Mike Beebe Helped me to collecting info for this article, He write awesome article at his jcer blog about socket sets.  In the initial period, people become confused about the use of a tap and die sets. In this article, I will provide a step by step guide towards them for enjoying the easy handling.

Procedure of Using Tap and Die Set

This tap and die set is utilized mainly through three steps which are described below.


1. Fix the Threads per Inch unit (T.P.I)

  • Take a bolt or nut along with a gauge with several pins.
  • Take a calculation of the T.P.I unit.
  • From the entire tap and die set, find out the die of the same size.
  • Use the tapered side of the die to start the cutting process.
  • Use the special wrench which will be complementary size with the die to complete this step.
  • Tapping is initiated when you start to cut the threads within a hole.
  • Die is mainly used to shape the threads into a cylindrical structure (bolt).


2. Giving birth a new thread :

Now, it’s the time to form a new threat utilizing a worn out the bolt.

  • In this time, a device, Vise is important to firmly attach the bolt when you apply the wrench over it.
  • As a precaution, you can apply some cutting oil over the nut, as during cutting procedure metals can execute some heat also.
  • Now, hold the die on the bolt and place it in a horizontal manner.
  • In this step, whenever you will turn your wrench, a thread will be changed into bolts and stored by the die.
  • You can use the half circular mode during applying the wrench to clear the entire threads into bolts.
  • Continue the wrenching process until your bolts touch the upper portion of the die.

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3. Formation of bolts from steep rod

  • You can use your die set to make the bolts from an ordinary steel rod.
  • You have to make it sure, that the steel rod should have a sloped end. If your steel rod is not slopped at the end, you have made these slopes utilizing the grinder also. Otherwise, the die set can’t be worked with it to form the bolt.
  • During this cutting process of a bolt, lubrication on the rod is crucial to get a healthy shaped bolt.
  • Be calm and cool during these processes to apply a controlled pressure over the machinery.

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4. Application procedure of a tap:

At first, you have to determine the tap size depending upon the size of thread or the desired holes.

  • Now, use your wrench to tighten the tap.
  • Find out the cutting end of your tap and place it over the hole.
  • Don’t forget to apply the cutting oil for continuous lubrication.
  • When tapping process will be started, then use your die for making a reverse turn at every step.

Tap And Die Set

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If you are an advanced or tech-savvy person, you should have your own tap and die set. At present, you can find your best taps and dies tools in brick and mortar stores or any online selling platforms.

You can make a choice among Irvine Hanson, Neiko or any other brands to get a hardy tap and die system, made up of steel alloy, sometimes coated with titanium also.

In this article, I have provided a step by step guide for your tap and die tools. For detail discussion, you can click on the references included in this article.